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Spray drying of solutions, suspensions and emulsions to form free flowing powders with an even particle size is one of our core competencies. We provide this as contract manufacturer of powders for foodstuff, food supplements, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical excipients. We have an established record of success in implementing processes in our multi-production plant. The process transfer will take place after precise discussions with our customer.

Depending on the properties of the finished powder, drying will take place using disc or nozzles – thanks to the low thermal load, we are also able to dry thermally sensitive products. By feeding fine particles back into the process, we can reduce the dust content of the finished product, and thereby achieve different degrees of agglomeration. Oversized particles are removed by the subsequent protective screening of the finished powder.

Every step of the production process is strictly monitored, to allow us to guarantee the highest degree of quality throughout of our products. Compliance with your instructions is checked by our quality department. 


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