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As a part of our contract processing services we will also carry out preparation of your spray dried foodstuffs, food supplements, lifestyle and health products and pharmaceutical excipients before spray drying. Also as part of this process, we can make use of many technical options:

  • Dissolving of solids and mixing of components
  • Concentration of aqueous solutions, suspensions and dispersions
  • Purification, washing and concentration using the most modern ultra- filtration plants (UF)
  • Emulsifying, dispersing and homogenising
  • Heating and cooling of liquid raw materials
  • Fermentation, hydrolysis and a wide range of enzyme-based processes

We will develop the ideal solution for the preparation of your product in joint discussions – while keeping a constant even level of high quality and taking your desired product properties into account. The powders produced are packed into bags, drums, bag in box or big bags as requested. Our high standards of hygiene and the filling process with its advance protective screening and metal separation ensure consistently high product quality and process safety throughout.


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