The Black Forest – our special inspiration

Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH Offenburg has many years of experience in the field of spray drying; since 1993 we have been provided our tolling services as a reliable partner for well-known companies from the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our expertise in contract processing is also based on our history as producer of dairy products. As early as the 1950s we produced cream cheese, yoghurts, quark and butter from the fresh milk of the Black Forest. We are proud of the quality and the origin of our primary raw material and also derive our responsibility for the production of the processed foods from that pride. Since 2006, our main focus has been on the further development and application of drying, filtration or separation and fermentation techniques.

Our company has come a long way and continues to move forward. One thing remains constant: When finding and implementing ideas as a custom manufacturer for foodstuffs, food supplements and nutracuticals or as a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO), our team is inspired not least by the special nature and landscape of the Black Forest. Thanks to our great experience in processing milk-based and non-milk-products, as well as our extensive technical expertise, we offer you the highest degree of skill in the field of spray drying, with innovative and individual solutions. In processing, you can make use of our complete service chain of pre- and post treatment or just spray drying.